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What you need to know most is what you don't know now. Planning for your or your businesses retirement shouldn't be complicated or difficult.  It has to be understandable, simple, and must be effective.

We utilize the latest technology, investments, programs, and when needed, employ the most complex strategies to create a solution that makes sense. It is far easier to avoid a mistake than to correct one.

Step 1 : We begin with the no fee or obligation consultation where you share with us your concerns and what you'd like to update, change, or establish with regards to your investments, retirement income, or estate plan. At this meeting we answer your questions about our background and experience as well as our perspective regarding your situation and compile information about your income, accounts, and other relevant financial data.

Step 2: In this phase of the process we've taken the data you've given us and created a profile in which we can forecast your current financial heading, and share with you the two most important numbers you need to know, your monthly budget and what you have to earn on all of your assets in order to realize your retirement vision.

Step 3: Once we discovered those two numbers we then illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of your portfolio with regards to your asset allocation, risk levels, and the strategies that you're currently using to invest in identifying weaknesses that you have.

Step 4: Now that we have a clear understanding of what you have, where it is, and where you're headed we make recommendations on one or more courses of action to get you back on track and to fix, change, or establish your accounts to match up with the concerns you've shared with us.

Step 5: Working together, we establish the accounts needed in order to complete your transition from being uncertain of what course of action is the best to one that you're confident in.


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