Services We Offer

There are many types of services we provide under the umbrella of financial planning.
Here are the major services we provide to get you where you want to be:

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Small Business Service

Putting away money for retirement is a big deal. Our staff at Elga Wealth Management has got you covered! Whether you are a single business owner, a staff of 25 we have a solution for you. From tax deductible to tax free, keep more of what you earn for yourself at retirement.

Fee for Services Plans

Selecting the right investment, creating a retirement income plan, or saving for college are all important. Avoiding the myths and mistakes takes effort, expertise, and sometimes a bit of luck. Getting professional help is often the best decision.

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Tax & Distribution Planning

We assist our clients with tax and distribution planning by designing ways to generate income from their existing assets, protect them and their estate, and minimize what Uncle Sam takes.

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College/Education Planning

There is already enough stress when making a college choice. Allow us to take away some of your worry by setting up a funding program to help with the cost. 529 Plans, MET, and other options available.

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Investment Selection

Life is a balancing act. Don’t make it any harder by having a portfolio that doesn’t match your goals. We use cutting edge technology that identifies your personal level of risk. From there we identify the most appropriate investment and insurance pro- gram to help meet your goals and expectations.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance has evolved over centuries, beginning with ancient burial benefits provided by Greek and Roman religious societies. In North America, the first life insurance company was founded in 1759 in Philadelphia, offering relief to Presbyterian ministers and their families.

Today, life insurance offers a range of benefits beyond basic protection. It can serve as a financial tool for building cash value, planning for retirement or college, and providing tax advantages. However, selecting the right policy can be challenging due to the variety of options available.

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Retirement Planning

We identify efficient ways of keeping more of what you earn. When, where, and how you save for retirement is very important, but so is the manner and sequence of your distributions.